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I will never tire of looking at my houseboy, both in real life and on my computer monitor. Fortunately being his webmistress AND girlfriend gives me ample opportunities to relish his countenance. I love the idea of sharing him other women (and men too) by way of this website. I have even fantasized about inviting a bunch of my friends over and making him eat ALL of our pussies after serving us tea and crumpets. I also love the idea of him having a male jack-off or suck-buddy.

Tucker is a natural in front of the camera. He is quite a ham and gets off (literally) on stroking his engorged member for my direction.

Inside his Members-Only area you'll have access to all his pictures, jack-off videos, and more. With content ranging from hunky softcore posing to explicit cum shots, you'll also be the first to see it when we venture into territory other men pretend they're not interested in exploring.

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What to Expect:
Tucker's "look" varies a lot from one photo set to another. Sometimes he's a straight-shooting hunk. Sometimes he's a man trying on pantyhose, other times he's a man in uniform. Sometimes he appears to be a mature father figure, while other times he appears to be "young, dumb, and full of cum". Sometimes he looks like he wants to be punished . . . sometimes he IS punished . . . and sometimes he looks like he's coming to punish YOU. Sometimes he's the archetypal manly-man, while other times his more feminine side shines through. Sometimes he has the vintage appeal of a seventies hearthrob with glossy Adonis curls. Sometimes his head is shaved so closely he looks like a military man. Some of his photos are classically beautiful black and whites. Sometimes he's dirty and sometimes he's clean.

Gay or Straight?
This is not your typical straight website OR your typical gay website. TrixiesHouseboy.com is enjoyed by people of all genders with all sorts of preferences. We have not narrowed the content down to one "niche" or another, instead we include a variety of provocative themes. You probably will not like every single photo set and video in the members-only area, but what you do enjoy of Tucker will etch itself in your memory as something intimate and real that you can't find anywhere else on the web. We want our websites to feel welcoming to EVERYONE, rather than alienating and excluding people based on stereotypes of the typical porn consumer.

Everyone loves cock!!
I think *everyone* loves to look at a beautiful man with an impressive cock. Some of us want to BE that man, some of us want to fuck that man, and some of us want to be fucked BY him. Some of us are reminded by him of a man we once knew, and some of us use him as the yardstick by which we will measure all men in our futures. Some of us identify with that man, and some of us think he is way out of our league. Some of us are reassured by him, and some of us are made more pitifully sensually aware of our inferiority by him.

Tucker's galleries are presented with the option of a hands-free slideshow. Videos and photos are downloadable so you can continue to enjoy your favorites even if you let your membership lapse.


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