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    • How many attractive amateur guys have *you* seen on the internet? Seems like if you can find a good-looking guy on the internet he's either an anonymous hottie with a fake personality created by a webmaster or a chatroom time-waster asking your ASL when all you want is to be turned on, no strings attached, no reciprocation required. Tucker is different. You get to see ALL of him at YOUR convenience without giving anything back. See thousands of pictures I've taken of Tucker and a plethora of gooey jack off videos!
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    • You can spy on our private lives and enjoy scheduled chat sessions with us. We have between one and seven voyeur cams (many WITH AUDIO) available around the clock. These are NOT the crappy refresh "cams" displaying a still images every ten, thirty or sixty seconds. These are the highest quality zoomable voyeur cam feeds you can get with multiple frames broadcast every second!
  • Live Shows on GuyCamz | JOIN
    • Access hot live shows with chat on the amateurcamz network, including a special guy section!
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  • Thoughtful quality amateur content | JOIN
    • We may be regular folks at home, but that doesn't mean we have bad taste. At you can enjoy the personable feeling of an amateur site WITH high resolution attractive images and videos. Careful thought and attention to detail is given to everything we share in the members area. While our content isn't "professional" or ridiculously high-def, this is not the usual ugly garbage you see littering the internet.
  • Fully downloadable pics & videos | JOIN
    • Once you're a member you can download your favorite pictures and houseboy videos to your PC and enjoy them at your convenience even if you're not connected to the internet or cancel your membership.
  • Access to our personal diaries & intimate fantasies | JOIN
    • Tucker, Delia and I all maintain diaries online and share much more with you than flat images; we tell you about ourselves and our turn-ons to give you full intimate portraits of ourselves.
  • Fresh evolving content | JOIN
    • This site is a labor of love. The goal is not simply to make money, but to create something unique and provocative. We reinvest as much money as we can in our websites. This means we will always have something new and exciting I want to bring you. For example, I would love to be able to bring you MORE sexy amateur models hand chosen, photographed & filmed by me. The site will never get old or stale. I will never "get rich" and no longer care about this project. We're always excited about doing something new!
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