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Vital Stats:
: 30-something   Eyes: Brown     DOB: 10/31/69     Height: 6'0"     Weight: 170 lbs.     Sexual Orientation: Yes

Random: Tucker has a four year degree, plays guitar & bass, and had an open marriage with his ex-wife.
He has a husky named Nico he raised from a puppy.







What I love about him (condensed):
He's smart, open-minded, and silly.
He likes watching all kinds of movies.
He sings, dances & smiles with irrepressible joy.
He supports who I am and what I want to do.
He's dead fucking sexy.
He eats pussy like a champ and cooks with flavor.
When we take walks outside he points at plants & says their latin names out loud.
He appreciates the simple pleasures in life.

More about us:
We live in Washington state.
Our homemade porn sites are our full-time jobs.

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